I AutoX'ed today for the first time this season with FCSCC. I would have skipped to work on the wagon, but it was in the big lot, so I couldn't say no. This would give me a chance to stretch my WRX's legs, because the larger courses let me stay up in the rev range, and in boost.

I completed my personal goal of beating Mike, which I did on my 5th run. The 5th run at 56.230s was my fastest, which was a nice improvement over my initial time of 61.xx seconds. We got 6 runs in, with time for a bunch of fun runs as well. My times were good enough to net me 2nd in Street Modified. Unfortunately, the 240 Panda in 1st in my class was the SCCA national champion in SM in 2012. If you want to watch the interesting videos, they are run 5 and 6. The fun run is a good watch as well.

  • Run 1 - 61.xx
  • Run 2 - 58.2
  • Run 3 - 57.02
  • Run 4 - 57.117
  • Run 5 - 56.230
  • Run 6 - 56.8
  • Fun run 1 in mikes STi: 57.8

I took one fun run in Mike's 06 STi, which was a blast. It really is very squirrelly; the throttle hits hard, turn-in is initially very bitey, but then washes out without any warning. Very intense, and very fun.

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