Linux is not the most well supported OS for tuning and logging Subarus. RomRaider does not support 64 bit JVMs, and EcuFlash does not have a native binary for Linux. So, in order to flash my wagon, I had to set up a Windows VM in VirtualBox. I had to tweak some things to get my OpenPort 2.0 to work correctly in the VM.

First, when you plug in your Tactrix cable to linux, you should see it on your USB bus:

[14:16:59] [[email protected]] ( 0 ) ~
-> $ lsusb
Bus 004 Device 006: ID 0403:cc4d Future Technology Devices International, Ltd

In the VirtualBox settings for your Windows VM, pass the device through to the guest. This will allow EcuFlash to read and write to the ECU over the Tactrix cable.

If you try to log with RomRaider at this stage, you will see it is unable to talk to the ECU still. This is because it uses the K-line on OBDII (read more here), which is similar to RS-232. Thus, the Tactrix cable presents a serial device (/dev/ttyACM*) to Linux when plugged in. You can see it with udevadm info (output amended for brevity):

[14:32:40] [[email protected]] ( 0 ) ~
-> $ udevadm info -q property /dev/ttyACM0

To make udev let your user read and write to the device, create a rule for it:

[14:33:33] [[email protected]] ( 0 ) ~
-> $ cat /etc/udev/rules.d/70-tactrix-openport2.rules
KERNEL=="ttyACM*", SUBSYSTEM=="tty", GROUP="adm", MODE="0666"

Then, pass the serial port through to the Windows guest:

NOTE: One issue that I encountered is that when plugging the Tactrix cable into EcuFlash for the first time in the VM, EcuFlash tried to update the firmware, and hung. I was unable to get the Tactrix to update its firmware in the VM, and resorted to plugging it into a real Windows computer to complete the flash. Once the OpenPort is updated, you will have to uninstall then reinstall EcuFlash and its drivers in the VM in order to get it recognized properly.

Now RomRaider should be able to read your ECU and log correctly!

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