Got 5 runs in yesterday on the big lot. We had a TON of fun, and finally got Sam to come out and AutoX the Abarth. Mike also got a fun run in the wagon, and couldnt stop giggling. I wiped out on my 3rd run; the wagon has way too much power for the amount of grip these RE070s provide. Hopefully Christmas will bring me something 245/40/17, black, and sticky.

I am also VERY impressed with how quick Mat was in his Jetta VR6. Incredibly smooth driver, with way more power and grip than I thought the car was capable of.

  • Run 1 - 51.211
  • Run 2 - 48.701
  • Run 3 - 82.602 wiped out
  • Run 4 - 50.281
  • Run 5 - 50.293

Timed runs

Mike's fun run

Mat's 4th run in the Jetta VR6

Sam driving Mike's STi for the first time

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