I just got back from my first Red Hat Summit in Boston, MA. I learned a bunch about OpenStack (RDO), OpenShift, and a ton of other stuff. The talks on RHEL7 features, systemd, performance tuning the kernel and NUMA with tuned, filesystems, and LXC were really good and informative. Special shout out to the guys who did the performance and NUMA talk (Bill Gray, Larry Woorman, Jeremy Eder, D. John Shakshober); I think I learned more in those 2 hours than the rest of the whole summit. Excellent breakdowns of problems that could be encountered, and how to solve them.

I would definitely do this again. The summit had a really high production value, and was really well planned (except for the Pub Crawl). Next time I wish I could buddy up with someone from the same company though.

###Vendor Swag Breakdown###

  • 1 Red Hat backpack - this is really nice
  • 3 orange CFEngine shirts
  • 1 Basho Riak shirt
  • 1 Vizuri shirt
  • 1 Red Hat developer shirt
  • 1 OpenShift shirt
  • 1 Mirantis shirt
  • 1 Puppet Labs shirt
  • 1 Hortonworks tablet case
  • 1 Red Hat Storage metal waterbottle
  • 1 IBM/Red Hat umbrella
  • 1 FusionIO swirly ball (stopped lighting up after i got back to the hotel)
  • 4 FusionIO pens
  • 1 SAP pen
  • 1 IBM pin
  • 1 2GB USB stick preloaded with Fedora 18
  • 1 4GB USB stick preloaded with GroundWork
  • Stickers from Basho/Puppet/Fedora/Pidora

These pizzas were $1.99 a piece, and weren't bad.

Some Fedora guys brought a 3D printer and were playing around with it.

Imgur album

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